You, and other brokers like you, have helped Guardian build a solid record of performance and policyowner satisfaction, and now it's time for Guardian to reward you for your commitment to excellence for your clients! The Preferred Broker Program identifies and rewards broker who continue to place their confidence in Guardian.

You May Already Qualify

To quality as a Preferred Broker, you must earn $44,100 in first year commissions from sales of Guardian individual life, disability income and group insurance, all lines. At least 70% of first year commissions must be from individual life and disability income sales. (These rules apply to the current production year).

Being a Preferred Broker Brings Its True Rewards

When you become a Preferred Broker, The Guardian will reward you with the following outstanding benefits.

Compensation. Earn a 2% commission on all life policy renewals in the 11th and later years for each calendar year you qualify for Preferred Broker status. You will keep earning the 2% for each year the renewed policy remains in force as long as you maintain an active brokerage contract with The Guardian.

Retirement Benefits. You will be enrolled in the Guardian Agents' Supplementary Retirement Plan (ASRP) with The Guardian contributing a full 3% of your total commissions on life, group and disability income products - including first year and renewal commissions - to your ASRP account.

Early Vesting. It is possible for you to earn full vesting of your ASRP contribution with just five qualifications, up to age 80. (See plan description for full details).

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